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More restful sleep with SagaPro

I would never have believed that one little tablet could increase my quality of life so much. My wife and I both have much more restful sleep now, too!*

- Ingvi J.,

I am very happy to have discovered SagaPro!

I am very happy to have discovered SagaPro! After only a few days, I have seen great improvement.

- Elaine Z.,

Thanks to SagaPro...

Thanks to SagaPro I am no longer preoccupied at every event. My quality of life has clearly increased!

- Helga A.,

I would never go a day without SagaPro now

I would never go a day without SagaPro now. It truly is fantastic and I would recommend to anybody looking for bladder support.* I now have my own dance school and can teach for hours without any trouble, it has helped me tremendously! Thank you, SagaPro for helping me get back to doing what I love!

- Thema D.,



Relief of Occasional

  • Anxiety ~ Stress

  • Nervous Tension ~ Restless Sleep*

Perfect, Natural Relief

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Got Pain?†


Experience Safe and
Effective Pain Relief*

Learn More † Occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse
Healthy Knees & Joints

Supports Knee and Joint
Flexibility and Mobility*

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  • Everyday wellness
  • Healthy bacterial balance
  • Natural resistance
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  • Sinus, Bronchial & Lung Support*
  • Soothes Mucous Membranes*
  • Non-Drowsy
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Provies Iodine and
L-Tyrosine to:

  • Revive Your Energy
  • Restore Your Metabolism
  • Fuel Thyroxine Production*
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Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs)

Topical Cream

A must have for every home remedy kit, backpack, or purse!

14 Clinical Studies

Safe for Children Ages 4 & up

One Tube Does it ALL!

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Provides clinical levels
of Iodine to:

  • Protect Breast and Prostate Cells
  • Detoxify Iodine Competitors
  • Support Hormone Balance*
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