Pet Health

Bladder Control™

Supports Bladder Function

Boswellia Balm

Muscles & Joints—Safe & Effective for Daily Use

Boswellia Spray

After Workout Leg Spray
Safe and Effective for Daily Use

Calming Formula™

Promotes calmness no matter what’s bothering your pet.

Comfrey Cream

Comfrey Cream for Joints, Muscle, Skin

Curacel™ Curcumin

Optimal Cellular Support—Stronger than Turmeric˄


Powerful Curcumin for Horses
Occasional Joint Stiffness, Soreness or Discomfort

Intelligent Omega™

Omega-3 Support for Brain, Heart, Eyes from Salmon

Joint & Hip Formula™

Joint Health and Flexibility
Comfort & Mobility

Skin & Coat

A Blend of Essential Omegas For Dogs