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Colon & Bowel Probiotic with Unique FloraSure Targets Healthy Flora

New product from EuroPharma contains proprietary probiotic formula

EuroPharma, Inc.®, makers of the Terry Naturally® brand of dietary supplements, has announced the launch of Colon & Bowel™ Probiotic, designed to address occasional gas, bloating, cramping, and irregularity.

Colon & Bowel Probiotic provides 20 billion live, active probiotic bacteria, each with a history of human use, in an exclusive proprietary blend (FloraSure™) designed to reduce occasional digestive and intestinal discomfort that remains stable with a two year shelf life without refrigeration. This blend combines:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum – resistant to stomach acids, colonizes easily, supports intestinal immune health and comfort
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus – supports intestinal health and yeast balance.
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum – reduces frequency of bowel movements, urgency, bloating, and improves overall quality of life.

“Supporting healthy intestinal function with probiotics is not new,” says Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, Inc. “But ongoing research has shown us that the best results occur with using the correct species, not just overall numbers of bacteria. It’s another case of the right tool for the right job. If the job requires a screwdriver, what good are 100 hammers? I fear that many probiotic manufacturers are so eager to increase numbers that they lose focus on health benefits. When helping people with intestinal discomfort, such as occasional bloating or gas, or unpredictability with bowel function, I find that using more than one probiotic species in a specific ratio provides much broader coverage of activity than any single bacteria can accomplish.”

“We now know that a flourishing, diverse microbiome is more crucial to health than we ever before imagined. Only vigorous probiotics that are guaranteed to be alive at time of purchase can support the health of this all important micro-community. That is why I designed this product,” states Lemerond.

Colon & Bowel Probiotic is now available nationwide at quality health food retailers and integrative pharmacies.


EuroPharma, Inc., makers of the Terry Naturally® brand, offers clinically proven and effective nutritional supplements that improve the health of America. Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, is well-known for innovation, and is credited as the first to introduce glucosamine sulfate and standardized Ginkgo biloba to the U.S. natural products market. Some of his current exclusive products include the award-winning Curamin®, an effective pain relief product, CuraMed® containing BCM-95® enhanced absorption curcumin, SagaPro® for bladder health, Vectomega® full-spectrum omega-3 salmon extract, and Traumaplant® Comfrey Cream. The full line of dietary supplements is available throughout the U.S. in both the health food store and professional distribution channels. At EuroPharma, Our Passion is Your Health™.