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EuroPharma's Clinical Glutathione Honored with Best New Product

Vitamin Retailer names Clinical Glutathione as a Top Ten Best New Product of 2014

GREEN BAY, WI, March 18, 2015—Clinical Glutathione, a unique, patented oral glutathione has been named by Vitamin Retailer® Magazine as a “Best New Product of 2014.”  EuroPharma, Inc.®, makers of the Terry Naturally® brand of dietary supplements and natural medicines launched Clinical Glutathione in August, 2014.  This oral glutathione is a unique slow melt tablet shown to improve the ratio of healthy glutathione in the body 230% better than unprotected glutathione.*

Glutathione is one of the most important compounds our bodies make, and has been shown to have incredible benefits for a wide range of issues.  Even aging is linked to glutathione levels. By age 65, we are making less than 50% of the levels we enjoyed in our youth. Healthy people should have a serum ratio of 90% non-oxidized, reduced glutathione (active) to 10% oxidized glutathione (inactive). One of the biggest challenges to delivering active (reduced) glutathione is that unprotected glutathione is rapidly oxidized by elemental exposure and digestion, even if it is enteric coated. Using a patented protection process developed in France that combines antioxidants and slow melt technology, Clinical Glutathione is not degraded by the rigors of digestion and is kept in its original form until it enters the blood stream.

Additionally, Clinical Glutathione significantly increased serum levels of active glutathione after only 11 days of use, and it did not cause oxidative stress.*

“We are so honored that we were chosen to receive this recognition. We appreciate all the retailers who supported us and the editors who chose to spotlight this product, and for recognizing its uniqueness. In the past, we just didn’t get much benefit from glutathione supplements. This is the first oral delivery system that I trust to deliver on the promise of glutathione,” states Terry Lemerond, president and founder of EuroPharma, Inc.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine publishes a Top Ten list of Best New Products annually.  Their editors review the year’s new product launches using criteria such as ingredient uniqueness, delivery systems, and needs of the consumer.  They then have a panel of retailers weigh in to make the final list of ten.

EuroPharma, Inc.® offers clinically proven and effective nutritional supplements and natural medicines that improve the health of America. Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, is well-known for innovation, and is credited as the first to introduce glucosamine sulfate and standardized Ginkgo biloba to the U.S. natural products market. Some of his current exclusive products include the award winning Curamin®, a natural pain relief product, CuraMed® containing BCM-95® high absorption curcumin, SagaPro® for bladder health, Vectomega® full-spectrum omega-3 salmon extract, and Traumaplant® Comfrey Cream. The full line of dietary supplements is available throughout the U.S. in both the health food store and professional distribution channels. At EuroPharma, Our Passion is Your Health. For more information, visit

Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse

*Clinical study to evaluate oral form of glutathione for blood glutathione ratio improvement. Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Nutrition (CERNh). Conducted at Hospital of Lorient, France. Unpublished research. 2009.