Dietary Supplement—Concentrated Plant Oils


with Eucalyptus
Sinus, Bronchial, and Lung Support Soothes Mucous Membranes*—Non-Drowsy

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Why SinuCare? Immediate Action!

SinuCare provides the soothing support of Eucalyptus and Myrtle to help you breathe easy. These unique botanical extracts have been shown to directly provide effective respiratory system support in part by their ability to support healthy cilia activity.*

  • Goes to work immediately for results you can feel
  • Does not cause drowsiness or jitteriness
  • Supports both the sinus and bronchial airway passages*

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:2 Softgels
Servings Per Container:15 or 30
Ingredient Amount/Serving Daily Value
Proprietary Formula320 mg**

Containing Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) Leaf Oil with >50% 1,8 cineole, 2-15% alpha terpineol, <10% alpha pinene, and <10% limonene, Myrtle (Myrtus communis) Leaf Oil containing 20-60% alpha pinene, 15-35% 1,8 cineole and <20% limonene

**Daily Value (DV) Not Established.

Other Ingredients:extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerol, water.
No:sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring or artificial preservatives.
Recommendations:1 to 2 softgels three times daily, or as needed.


Plant Oils are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than dry herbs.

Can children use SinuCare?
Concentrated plant oils are not recommended for children under the age of six. For children ages 6-12, one softgel a day is the suggested dosage. Please discuss use of any dietary supplement with your child’s healthcare practitioner.
Can I take SinuCare with other concentrated plant oil supplements?

Yes. While the concentrated plant oils of eucalyptus and myrtle are powerful, they work well when used with other supplements, including Viragen™ and Wild Moroccan Oregano.

With SinuCare, I breathe easy at night and sleep longer...
"I have been using the SinuCare product now most of the summer and it works great. I breathe easy at night and sleep longer. I recommend it to my coworkers often."

— Jim K

Thank you for SinuCare!
My wife went to the Terry Naturally store in Green Bay and received a recommendation from Debra for me to try SinuCare.  These ingredients really help support my sinuses.  I take two tablets before going to bed and have slept much better.  My wife and I thank you!

— Mark N

I feel better with SinuCare!
“I found a bottle of SinuCare, took two pills and I feel better! Bless you.”

— Kathryn W

SinuCare - Very Powerful
So far good on SinuCare. The 1st day I took 2 and it wasn't long until I felt it coming up through my nose. It seems very powerful. This is the best product for your sinuses. It is strong and I feel a lot better, I believe it is effective.  This is a very healing supplement and I am thrilled to have found it along with many other products. Again Thank You for your kindness and continue letting others know about Terry Naturally.

— Linda W.

Your SinuCare is the BEST
Your SinuCare is the BEST product I have ever found.  Thank you!!

— Jeanne M.