Testimonials From Our Customers

CuraMed is good for my body!

“Laying awake in bed, I decided to try CuraMed 750 mg.  To my relief, I was able to go right back to sleep with significant relief.  I had also recently been looking for liver and intestinal support without harming my body. I believe the curcurmin in CuraMed is good for my body.”

— Becky H

CuraMed is incredible!

"A nutritionist highly suggested CuraMed. This is an incredible product and will tell continue to tell everyone about it!!!"


— Angela D

Curamin and CuraMed My New Best Friend

I am so Overjoyed with being “Pain Free”*, I am telling everyone I know about my New Best Friends, CuraMed and Curamin!!!!!!! 

I am 56 years old and thought I was down for the count, but Thank God for my Health Food Store that introduced me to Terry Naturally Products.   I truly am a Fan and Customer for life.  Words cannot describe how well I feel. 

Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse

— Stacy

Dramatic relief with CuraMed 750 mg

Since I started taking CuraMed 750 mg two years ago, I have experienced dramatic relief of occasional muscle pain and stiffness associated with exercise, particularly in the morning after a night’s sleep.  I enjoy walking and hiking as my primary form of exercise and CuraMed has proven to be a godsend in allowing me to keep active and in good condition.  Thank you so much for making this excellent product available.  I fully expect to be a loyal customer for many years to come.

— Marc K.

Eating less with more energy taking Svetol

I am 52.  I started taking 200 mg Svetol, twice daily on or around October 1, 2012.  Then switched to 500 mg once a day when that was available. Always first thing in the morning. 

It took a good three weeks before I noticed anything different and after that I noticed that I did not feel hungry during the day and when I do eat I get full fast.

So I guess without noticing,  I was eating less. I also have more energy. 

I felt that my clothes were feeling more loose and people started asking if I was losing weight in November.

So I weighed myself around Thanksgiving and found I had lost 10 lbs.
As of today I lost about 13 lbs. but I think a lot more in inches.

— Sally V.

I am very happy to have discovered SagaPro!

I am very happy to have discovered SagaPro! After only a few days, I have seen great improvement.

— Elaine Z.

I have told EVERYONE about CuraMed!

“I am writing to Thank You. I started giving CuraMed to my husband. I call it a miracle. I have told EVERYONE about CuraMed and know at least 20 of those I have told are now taking Curamed and singing the praises to the people they know. My husband should have been a case study for CuraMed. Please know how truly thankful I am for your product and my entire family will be taking CuraMed for the rest of our lives and trying to convince everyone we meet to do the same!!”

— Jean V

I haven't felt this good in 25 years, thanks to Curamin and Low Back Formula

Just started Low Back Formula three weeks ago, along with Curamin, and can’t tell you the relief I received from these products.  I haven’t felt this good in 25 years, and I’ve tried everything in the past! 

— Ina

I saw results very quickly with Mesoglycan

I ordered some Mesoglycan and - as my sister would say: "I kid you not!" – I saw results very quickly. I'm continuing to take the Mesoglycan along with a few other of your products. Some are now "standards" while I try others to experience the effect on my system. Please tell Terry Lemerond, THANK YOU. 

— Marilyn

I use Curamin with great success!

About a year ago I was introduced to Curamin by the staff at my favorite store, Sunshine Naturals.  I could not have hoped for what happened – my pain was completely gone!* I continue to use Curamin with great success, when needed.

Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse.

— Richard A