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CuraMed Acute Pain Relief

CuraMed Acute Pain Relief

A Groundbreaking Formula: Small in Size… Big in Results!
When occasional pain hits suddenly, it’s called acute pain. But no matter what its name, you want relief. That’s why new CuraMed Acute Pain Relief is here: it delivers the relief you’re looking for from clinically studied botanical ingredients you can trust.*

When you try these small, easy-to-swallow liquid gels, you can experience powerful pain relief like no other available.*

CuraMed® Acute Pain Relief features a unique delivery system that joins modern day science with time tested botanical wisdom. This new groundbreaking, clinically proven technology emulsifies powerful, clinically studied ingredients with black sesame seed oil for outstanding benefits!*

^Ruptures in less than 15 minutes meeting the United States Pharmacopeia test specifications
Occasional muscle pain or inflammation due to exercise or overuse