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CuraMed® Acute Pain Relief*†

Fast Dissolving Liquid Gel^ Results You Can Feel!

Why CuraMed® Acute Pain Relief?*†
A new method has allowed us to create the FIRST CuraMed product designed specifically for ACUTE PAIN RELIEF!†

  • Contains the most clinically studied bioavailable curcumin in the world with 69 studies, powerful clinically studied BOS-10™ Boswellia, and Ayurvedic favorite Black Sesame Seed Oil for a triple action pain formula*†
  • NEW groundbreaking, clinically proven technology
  • NEW small, easy-to-swallow, fast dissolve^ liquid gel
  • Recommended dosage: 1-2 liquid gels daily

†Occasional muscle pain or inflammation due to exercise or overuse.
^Ruptures in less than 15 minutes meeting the United States Pharmacopeia test specifications.

Berberine MetX™ Ultra Absorption

Berberine Made Better

Scientific studies show the absorption of standard berberine may only be 5%—or even less. For optimal metabolic support, we’ve combined our berberine with a proven absorption-enhancing delivery system that has been demonstrated on a variety of ingredients to significantly increase absorption.*

ViraPro™ Kids

Elderberry Immune Blend*

Features a blend of standardized elderberry with Vitamins A, C, D3 and E, plus zinc and selenium to help keep kids' immune systems going strong.*

Safe for ages 4 and up—No artificial sweeteners or colorings.

Andrographis and Ashwagandha

High Potency Ayurvedic Herbs for Optimal Health
Clinically Studied Ingredients  • Immune Defense 
  • Reduced Stress^^
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Energy & Endurance*

The Andrographis EP80™ and Ashwagandha EP35™ in this formula are clinically studied ingredients that deliver key compounds at levels that matter. So no matter what aspect of a balanced, healthy life you’re seeking, they can help!

^^ Occasional stress

Ashwagandha EP35™ Extra Strength

    • Stress Relief Adaptogen*^
    • 7X Stronger*

With 35% withanolides, Ashwagandha EP35 takes this traditional Ayurvedic herb to a whole new level. Using a unique, dairy-free process that concentrates the key compounds to 7 times the level of ordinary extracts, it can help you discover less stress^, and more vitality.*†

^Occasional stress
†Compared to an equivalent amount of standard ashwagandha

NEW Clinical Essentials™ Immune

Critical Vitamins & Minerals for Optimal Immune Support*

Features a powerful blend of carefully chosen forms of vitamins to help nourish the foundation of your immune system for anything that comes your way.*


We have a CoQ10 for EVERYONE!

Premium-quality CoQ10 can benefit the heart, brain, gums, and overall aging. Supports energy production within the cells, and replenishes CoQ10 depleted by cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.*

With three new CoQ10 options, you’ll be sure to find one you love!

Ubiquinone—the first and most clinically studied form of CoQ10, ubiquinone has been researched for over 20 years

Ubiquinol—a bioactive form of CoQ10 that requires no conversion by the liver

CoQ10 Chewable—This great tasting chewable utilizes a unique delivery system that makes it 800% more absorbable than standard CoQ10