Our History


  • HRG80™ Red Ginseng Energy wins the Women's Essential Award from Taste for Life
  • Winner of 5 Vitamin Retailer Magazine Awards, including Best Supplier Provided Educational Materials! Thank you to all the health food stores who continue to support Terry Naturally® brand supplements!
  • Curamin Extra Strength® selected as winner of the Supplement Essentials Award by Taste for life
  • Delicious Living awards Terry Naturally® with 5 retailer and 2 consumer 2020 Supplement Awards. What a great way to start the year!

  • Winner of 6 Vitamin Retailer Magazine Awards! We’re thankful every day for the support shown for Terry Naturally® brand supplements by our valued health food store retailers.
  • Omega 7 Clinically Studied Sea Buckthorn is awarded the 2019 Taste For Life® Women's Essentials Award
  • EuroPharma/Terry Naturally chosen winner of the Full Supplement Line Award for WholeFoods Magazine!
  • Better Nutrition 2019 Best of Natural Beauty Awards: SUPPLEMENTS category included Hair Renew Formula™
  • AnxioCalm® was chosen as the 2019 Delicious Living Women's Health Supplement Award Winner
  • Hemp Oil™ selected winner of the Taste For Life’s Essential Award in the Endocannabinoid Support category
  • Proud member of the Natural Products Association—Promoting Natural Products for Healthy Lifestyles

  • Terry Naturally launches Terry Naturally Animal Health products, featuring canine and equine supplements
  • Andrographis EP80 Extra Strength awarded the 2018 Immunity Essentials Award from Taste for Life
  • AnxioCalm® wins Stress Relief Award from Remedies
  • Hemp Oil + Curcumin wins Best Supplement Award from Better Nutrition
  • AnxioCalm® wins Taste for Life Back to School Essentials Award for Stress
  • CuraMed® Breast wins Taste for Life Women’s Essential Award for breast health
  • Vitamin Retailer Magazine awards 3 Terry Naturally Supplements with Vity Awards: CuraMed® for Best Selling Herbal Supplement, CuraMed® Brain for Best Selling Brain Support Formula, and Curamin® Headache Relief*^ for Best Selling Natural Headache Remedy
  • EuroPharma wins Vitamin Retailer Magazine, Vity Award for Best Supplier Provided Educational Material from Vitamin Retailer
  • Hair Renew wins award for Best of Natural Beauty from Better Nutrition
  • BosMed® Intestinal Bowel Support* wins the Remedies 2018 Digestion Award for the category of Combos & Innovations
  • Sucontral D wins Supplements Award for Blood Sugar Balance*†† from Delicious Living.
  • Sucontral D wins Blood Sugar Balance*†† award from Taste for Life Magazine.<

  • Propolis Extract wins Immunity Essentials Awards from Taste for Life Magazine.
  • Vitamin Retailer’s editorial staff selected Clinical OPC with Pine Bark as one of the Best New Products of 2017.
  • Terry Lemerond was honored March 10, 2017 at Natural Products Expo West with an induction into the HALL OF LEGENDS. View all 2017 inductees.
  • Our latest news? We are now an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company! Learn more about Terry’s vision of the ESOP, see our smiling faces, and get the full story.

  • A second Terry Naturally store opens in Green Bay, WI, and expansion of the EuroPharma corporate office.

  • Supplement Pioneer Terry Lemerond receives first American Botanical Council (ABC) Champion Award
  • Curamin® by Terry Naturally Receives 22nd Award. Award was given by Delicious Living in the Pain Category*
  • EuroPharma Launches Bacteril for Immune System Support*
  • WholeFoods Magazine announced that Curamin® is the winner of its annual Natural Choice Award
  • Curamin® named Taste for Life’s Essential Choice for Pain Relief*

  • Vitamin Retailer Magazine awards Curamin® Best New Natural Remedy and Best New Specialty Herbal Awards
  • Curamin® Extra Strength awarded Delicious Living Magazine's Best New Specialty Combination Formula and Pain* Category Awards
  • Clinically studied SagaPro® Bladder Health* now available in the US

  • Curamin® wins Best of Supplements, 5th consecutive year from Better Nutrition Magazine—Pain* Category
  • Healthy Feet & Nerves™* wins Best New Products Award from Vitamin Retailer Magazine
  • Healthy Knees & Joints™* named Best Joint Health Product by Delicious Living Magazine for their 2012 Supplement Awards
  • Curamin® wins Essential Supplement Award from Taste for Life Magazine—Pain* Category

  • Curamin® awarded 3 Vitamin Retailer's Vity Awards, in 3 separate categories, Wholefoods Natural Choice Award, and Better Nutrition's Best of Supplements Award—Pain* Category

  • Curamin® wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements—Pain* Category Award for the 3rd consecutive year
  • SinuCare wins a Vity Award for Best New Specialty Herbal Supplement
  • AnxioFit-1®, a unique, standardized, clinically tested echinacea extract, is launched

  • Launch of Vectomega®, the first whole food, 100% salmon, phospholipid based EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acid supplement
  • Curamin® is a Vity Award winner for Best New Natural Remedy and wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements—Pain* Category Award for the 2nd year in a row

  • Terry Lemerond is the recipient of the 2008 Natural Products Association Industry Champion Award
  • Curamin® wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements—Pain* Category Award

  • Got Pain?* EuroPharma® launches Curamin®

  • Terry opens Terry Naturally®, a retail store offering the finest quality nutritional products, body care, and natural, organic foods

  • After 15 years of scientific study by researcher A.K.M. Shamsuddin M.D., Terry Lemerond introduced the breakthrough combination of IP-6 and inositol, an unprecedented immune boosting supplement*

  • Introduced Glucosamine Sulfate, providing Americans with the first clinically supported nutritional supplement for healthy joint support and creating the beginning of a $900 million dollar industry*

  • Terry introduced deglycyrrhizinated licorice, an extract widely used in Europe to support the mucosa of the stomach, to the U.S.*
  • Was the first U.S. manufacturer to produce peppermint oil in enteric-coated capsules, which allows the oil to reach the small intestine and eventually the colon, where it would be released for best results

  • Terry introduced botanical standardization to the U.S. supplement industry. A standardized product contains a consistent amount of one or more active ingredients, helping ensure consumers "get what they pay for"
  • Introduced standardized Ginkgo biloba to the U.S. market
  • Introduced milk thistle, a natural liver support supplement, to the U.S. This comes after extensive scientific review of the merits of silymarin, an extract derived from the plant*


† Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse.
†† Supports healthy levels already within normal range.
^Occasional headache due to stress or fatigue.